Our Studio

Danceline Studios has been bringing social dance to people of all ages, singles and couples, in the Hamilton area since March 1998. We offer both social and competitive programs.

We offer beginner to advanced instruction in Ballroom, Swing, Latin, and Country styles of dance.

Our energetic staff stays current on what is popular in social dance so that we can teach you before it arrives, not after it has gone.

Since the first day of classes, our students have become competition champions, as well as stage, music video, and television performers.

Danceline Studios offers students flexibility for program planning. Each student upon our recommendation chooses their own learning program to suit special interests, schedules, and personal needs. Our group lessons run in eight-week sessions, for one and half-hours each class. These classes are limited enrollment and fill up quickly so check our schedule regularly. Our Wild Weekend Workshops run Saturday mornings, and afternoons, for three hours, and are very popular. Private lessons for singles or couples can make learning to dance a possible and rewarding experience for those with tight schedules or specific goals.

Why Dance?

There are many reasons to learn to dance. Dancing is fun and a great form of exercise. It offers an opportunity to met new people and make new friends. Dancing develops coordination and poise (most family Doctors say that is what keeps people young and some even recommend it for therapy!). It also builds confidence and can help a person feel a great accomplishment; few other pursuits offer so many rewards for the time and effort invested.

Who Can Dance?

Anyone! Social dance is not just for couples. Singles of all ages, as well as families, and even wedding parties have come to our studio to start a lifetime of dancing. Our youngest Swing dance students started at the age of five. Our eldest students have ranged into their 80s - it's never too late to start!


Group Classes

Group classes for Ballroom, Latin, or Country, dance are scheduled in eight-week sessions. There is one class per week, which lasts for one-and-a-half hours, and starts either at 7:00pm, or 8:30pm.

Beginner classes are taught with a syllabus - learning a set of steps and techniques is the goal.

Beginner Ballroom is taught in two parts. In each part, five or six beginner level steps are taught, in each of four dance styles - Foxtrot, Jive, Tango, and Waltz.

In the Intermediate level classes, the patterns that are taught are more challenging, and generally require that the student has mastered some technique, and has gone beyond simply moving through steps.

Near the end of each eight week session, we organize outings to local dance clubs, so that students can 'strut their stuff', in an actual social dance setting!

Drop In

Currently our parties and workshops are offered on a drop in basis only on Friday evenings and Saturday afternoons. The format of the class is beginner advanced level material depending on the ability of the class. The style of dance varies from month to month. If you would like to book a private workshop for 6 or more people just get in touch with us and we will see what we can do or call the studio for more up to date information about this months events.

Private Instruction

Beside group classes we offer private instruction. There are many advantages to taking private lessons, either on their own, or in combination with group classes.

For many people, private instruction offers the only way that they can fit dance instruction into a busy or inflexible schedule. Other advantages include more in-depth training than is practical for group classes, covering more material in a shorter time, and more detailed attention to the individual students' particular challenges and goals.